What To Do For A First Date?

You’ve met someone, and you want to arrange that first date. Whether you’ve never met the person in real life before, or you’ve met them previously but it’s time for that official first date there’s a few different options that suit each scenario.

If you haven’t met before, only online, this will be a different first date to than if you have. It can also be known as the ‘zero date’. It’s a chance to see whether that online chemistry transfers into real life. Keep it casual, low key and a short time frame. If you’ve never met before, it’s ideal that your first date be in a public place. In the modern world of dating and catfishing, even though the vast majority are genuine, it’s a sensible precaution. Meeting for a coffee is a great option as this isn’t something that typically lasts a long time. If it goes great then nothing stops you from sitting and continuing to chat or perhaps going for a walk. If it doesn’t go so well, it’s easy to leave and is only a short time commitment. 

If you have met before, perhaps through friends, at a party or social gathering, but this will be your first actual date, you have a few more options for a first date. Meeting up for a drink could now be an option, or a meal. Don’t underestimate meeting for lunch or brunch. It keeps things a bit more casual than a dinner does. You can always still keep it really simple. If you know you have shared interests you can use these to kick things off. Maybe you both have dogs and can meet up at a dog park or if there’s a street festival or markets on you can meet up and check them out together. 

Arranging the first date whether you’ve met them online, through friends or at a speed dating event is key to getting the ball rolling. Don’t drag out arranging the first date, someone will probably lose interest if it takes too long to meet up. At Speed Dating Brisbane events you get the opportunity to meet potential matches face to face, so it means you can skip the ‘zero date’ from online dating. When you receive your matches back from speed dating, organise your next meeting in that first week or two to see if you can keep building on that connection.

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