A Brief History of Speed Dating Events, try these speed dating events in Brisbane

How to find the right person is an increasingly common topic while drinking coffee with friends, sipping beer with work partners, or even munching on a salad at a business lunch. In the absence of free time, good tactics, self-confidence, or something else, more and more people are resorting to imaginative ways to find romantic company – and one of them is the increasingly popular Brisbane speed dating events.


Brisbane Speed Dating


Speed datings are perhaps the best place and time to meet someone who, one day, may become important to us. There is no pressure to have a fantastic time, which often comes with Friday or Saturday, and the work week is already far enough away that everyone present is relaxed and can stretch out just as much as is necessary.


However, speed dating events history is long and complex, and not always this event was so easy and accessible. If you are interested to learn how everything started you are at the right place, at the right time. We go into detail on how speed dating started and how you can find a speed dating event near you today!


Let’s go!


How Speed Dating Started?


The first signs of these types of events appeared in the 19th century, as a herald of modern speed dating events. There was a custom in some areas of the USA called New Year’s Calling. It was usual for many young single women on New Year’s Day to hold an open house on January 1, where they would invite eligible bachelors, both friends as strangers, to stop for a brief visit, no more than 15 minutes. Many agree that these are the roots of what we say today’s speed dating events.


When it was mentioned for the first time, the sociologist Francesco Alberoni commented: “It’s madness. It won’t last very long”. And instead. In 2018 the speed date where unfamiliar men and women talk to each other for a few minutes to see if it’s worth seeing each other again celebrates twenty years. For all note-takers, the first-speed dating event was held in Los Angeles in 1998, when single dating was registered as a trademark. It was organized by an American director of a Jewish resource group with a network of businesses around the world, named Yacov Deyo. He was worried about the decreasing Jewish birth rate and just wanted to do something in that field. He was also concerned about the descending number of marriages between Jews. Their minority status in the USA made it more and more difficult for the younger generation to find their soulmate from the same religion and culture. In that way he came up with the idea to organize his first-speed dating event in 1998 at Pete’s Cafe in Beverly Hills, taking the first step in creating the history of speed dating events. Later he continued to organize more speed dating events that took place mostly in clubs all across Los Angeles. All of that with the main purpose, to connect Jewish singles in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. That’s why this guy has been considered the inventor of the speed dating phenomenon.


Speed Dating Events


Some other scriptures say that the first documented example of speed dating was by Aryeh and Rena Hirsch of Los Angeles in 1996. The main problem of typical single events was that only handsome men and women are successful in their ‘hunt’. Therefore, the idea of formalizing speed dating events emerged two years later.


The concept of speed dating continued to be updated and elaborated each year, developing a network of places where it is organized, all across the World. Dating back to the first-speed dating events, today’s concept is pretty much close to the previous ones. The concept where men sit at one side of a table, the women are lined up in the opposite one and the men move along with the ladies with a five minutes conversation between each one is almost the same with all modern Brisbane speed dating events. Today’s speed dating scenario is very similar to the early ones, so we can say that the concept has stood the test of time for years, with minimal changes.


Speed Dating Events Near Me


It is worth mentioning that the Japanese Government started to promote speed dating events in 2006 to increase the matching rate among young Japanese because the population was declining rapidly. The situation was due to the overwork of the Japanese with their work responsibilities and the shorter free time that was left at their disposal. In that direction, the Government was forced to overcome the issue, by using speed dating events as a good occasion to bring Japanese singles together.


All the rest is history. There is almost no country today in the World where this type of event is not organized. Speed dating events lately became a commercial and social phenomenon between single ones that facilitates the way of finding a mate in the current busy society we act in. They are usually held in a private direction where the organizers take care of the event’s agenda. For some additional aspects and useful information about speed dating events read below.


Speed Dating Today


Today speed dating has become more present in everyday life and is considered to be one of the most modern ways of connecting single individuals all around the World. Surprisingly, the concept has continued to act even during the Covid-19 pandemic, when Brisbane speed dating events were held online, via Messenger, Zoom, and even Skype. The physical contact between interlocutors was missed, indeed, but the main curiosity is that the idea sustained the continuity and passed the challenge it faced. Today, as the pandemic is slowly fading into oblivion, the real Brisbane speed dating events have returned to their traditional edition. More and more Brisbane singles became interested in taking a role in one of the speed dating events near me in Brisbane.


Speed Dating Brisbane


It is expected that the number of Brisbane speed dating events will increase rapidly in the future. The modern way of life leaves less and less time for socializing between people. Communicating and dating live can’t be compared to online dating. The usual bars and cafeterias are becoming fewer and fewer places to meet and find your life partner. That’s why Brisbane speed dating events rushed to help.


How Can I Find Speed Dating Events Near Me In Brisbane?


Now it is so easy to find suitable speed dating according to your affinities. You can do online research and choose the most affordable one. Even more, when you research on your mobile, just type ‘speed dating near me Brisbane’ and you will get a list of the Brisbane speed dating events near you. Google map is smart enough to pull up your current location and use it on your search.


If you live in Brisbane or around the area and you are looking for speed dating events near you, this article can help you. Not only to find your next Brisbane speed dating events but you could learn more about designed rules of behavior, price, some testimonies of past experiences, and more.


Speed Dating


Even more, you will be able to find out some helpful tips from experts that you could apply in your next Brisbane speed dating events.


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What To Expect At A Speed Dating Event?


The first step that participants must take to take part in Brisbane speed dating events is to register on a website dedicated to organizing such events. After that, they contact you and invite you to hang out. Privacy is guaranteed. Only the organizers know the details of the participants, and if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to share your real name with your interlocutors.


Brisbane Dating Events


After the cafe is full and everyone has taken their place, a bell is rung to signal the start of socializing. From that moment, everyone has only five minutes to present themselves in the best light to the person sitting across from them. Etiquette is also taken care of, so at the next ringing of the bell, the ladies stay in their places and the gentlemen take turns. And so in a circle, until everyone gets to know each other.


What all participants have in common and which does not exist in an ‘ordinary’ date, is the determination to find a new, interesting acquaintance on the spot. That intention is visible in their words and even on their faces. Of course, not everyone wants the same – one guy just wants adventure, another is trying to expand his circle of friends, while the third is very serious and looking for a life partner.


The general atmosphere on Speed ​​Dating near me in Brisbane is positive. The cafe where it all takes place is buzzing with conversation, which can’t be a bad sign – so many acquaintances will surely result in a few appointments. Participants can come alone without feeling out of place; alternatively, it’s something that women who like to go out in groups can do together.

Final Thoughts


We hope that we managed to extend your horizon of the speed dating phenomenon. If your love status is single, yet, do not hesitate to review some Brisbane speed dating events that will be held near you. Furthermore, if some of your friends, relatives, and even brothers, and sisters didn’t find their soulmate, suggest they take a role in speed dating. Why not surprise them with a Brisbane speed dating events ticket for their birthday?

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