Clay Class & Speed Dating Cucina LDV Valley | Mar 5th 6:30

Clay Class & Speed Dating Cucina LDV Valley | Mar 5th 6:30


Meet people whilst doing a clay class!

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What happens when you combine a beginner pottery class with a speed dating format? Interested in meeting a lot of people without the pressure of having to converse the whole time?  But how will it work? So many questions, but one thing for sure is that you’ll meet a lot of people whilst doing a fun activity!

So you’ll be making the flowery candle holder with the guided instruction of Wesley Taylor (all materials provided) and each round you’ll be paired up with an ‘art’ buddy. You know when you were failing grade 8 art class and you had your nerdy friend do all your paintings? Well maybe school was different for you, but tonight you’ll be paired up with a number of art buddy’s for about 10 minutes at a time, before we ask the men to move on to a new buddy. So you’ll meet ~ 10 people over the course of the night and do a beginner pottery/clay class at the same time, walking away with the pictured candle holder. Everyone will have match cards so you won’t have to ask for anyone’s number, simply tick the people you like and the matching process will take care of the rest – you’ll receive an email with matches the next day.




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