Rotating Trivia Night | 25-45 | Stock Exchange Hotel | MEN SOLD OUT

Meet people whilst playing trivia | Free event! | Prizes for the winners | Saturday 5th November 6:30 | Halloween themed questions & Pop Culture

Are you ready for a trivia night with a twist? At our Rotating Trivia Night you’ll have a different set of teammates every round, enabling you to meet people as the night progresses. You will get to spend the night with your friends too, it will work as follows:

Form yourself into a group of 3 girls or 3 guys. Your group of 3 will get paired with another group of 3 (different gender) for round 1. For round 2 the 3 men will move on to another table, and you’ll get a new group of 3 men. This will continue though-out the night until you have met everyone in attendance, (of the opposite gender) we had 6 rounds last trivia event at Stockies.

The trivia questions will be largely Halloween themed, with one round on vampires (True Blood!), one round on Zombies (The Walking Dead!), one round on Pirates etc.. with plenty of pop culture thrown in.

There will be prizes for first, second, second last and a prize for an individual game of heads or tails.
If you need help getting into a group of 3, we can help form some teams. Let us know when you sign up if you have a team of 3 ready to go.

We have the room on the bottom floor of Stock Exchange, which is located at 166 Charlotte street in the Brisbane CBD.

Harassment and other social misdemeanours will not be tolerated at this event.

25-45 refers to the age of attendees for this event.

Trivia Night Male Ticket

This is a very frequently asked question (unlike some of the others :) ). Yes we do have many people coming by themselves - our events are a great place to make mates as well as dates!

But we understand that it can be difficult turning up by yourself so sometimes we'll have a pre-event meet and greet for people who come by themselves. Ask us if we can organise one for you if you're coming by yourself and would like to make some friends first!



As in a way the customers are the product, we can’t operate with a refund policy when people change their minds. However, if you are unable to attend for reasons such as having covid-19, you can use your payment as credit for other events. Send us a contact (see our footer for various options) if you see another event you’d like to attend.

If the event is cancelled due to something like a global pandemic we will of course offer you a prompt refund. 


The cart is located in the top right hand corner of the screen (under the = menu on a phone). Click on that and then you can delete tickets in your cart. 

No problem! When you sign up, let us know in the 'Additional Details' text box and we will put you in a team of 3 on the night. 

Dress to impress - it's not the door man's judgement you need to worry about, it's the person sitting opposite you.

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  • Start Date
    05/11/2022 6:30 PM
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    05/11/2022 9:30 PM
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    166 Charlotte St Brisbane
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