Onesie Party Lord Alfred Hotel 20s-30s $18 includes cocktail ​

~- Onesie fancy dress
~- Free pool & party games
​~- Communal painting activity
~- Get to know you charades game
~- Cocktail on arrival with entry ticket

Meet real people at fun events, dressed in a onesie! Your $18 ticket is a bargain as it includes any cocktail on arrival. We’ll have all manner of fun icebreaker activities through the night including:

-A combined ‘paint & sip’ activity for everyone to join

-Free pool

-Guess the celeb/charades game

-A host of other party games, such as jenga and an old favourite..

We’ll have our own private room around the back of the Lord Alfred Hotel, complete with sweeping balcony (including smoking area). If you wouldn’t like a cocktail, you can instead have any drink on the menu at the Lord Alfred. The Lord Alfred is a licensed venue with no BYO options allowed.


A: Speed dating allows you to meet 10 or more people in a short amount of time (hence the word speed). The host will time each date (6-8 minutes) and ensure everyone moves on to the next person. Often you can get a feel for a person's energy very quickly face to face, whereas it may be impossible after communicating online for weeks, if not months.


At a speed dating event in Brisbane you'll fill in a match card (ticking a person is like swiping right) which you'll hand in, and the following day you'll be informed of your matches, and what their (chosen) contact details are. You can choose to match a person as 'date' or 'friend' (or neither). If one person looking for love ticks date, and one happy with a friendship ticks friend - you will each be matched as a friend. Therefore we request that you don't ask people you are speed dating for their contact details, as it is unnecessary and may put dates 'on the spot'.

​For tips on how to get more matches, head to our Speed Dating Tips page!

A: Dress to impress - it's not the door man's judgment you need to worry about, it's the person sitting opposite you. For a more in-depth response on what to wear speed dating in Brisbane, click here.

A: Give people a chance! Matching someone isn't an engagement - it simply allows you to continue your conversation past the six minutes. You aren't even committed to a date once you match. And no.

A: As in a way the customers are the product, we can't operate with a refund policy when people change their minds. However if you are unable to attend for reasons such as having covid-19, you can use your payment as credit for other events. Send us a contact on our contact page. If the singles event is cancelled due to something like a global pandemic, we will of course offer a prompt refund.

A: Glad you asked. We have a page dedicated to explaining just that with five tips, including what makes for good topics of conversation. Check them out here.


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  • Start Date
    22/05/2021 7:20 PM
  • End Date
    22/05/2021 9:20 PM
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  • Address
    Lord Alfred Hotel 68 Petrie Terrace
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    651 Tickets