Sydney Mini-Speed Dating & Bar Hop | Late 20s to early 40s | Sanctuary Hotel MEN SOLD OUT

Women can still join for the pub crawl here: Sydney Bar Hop Party | Late 20s to early 40s | Sanctuary Hotel – Ignite Dating (

Talk more to the people you want to talk to!

Friday 13th May | $33 includes cocktail, snacks, free pool | 15 x 4 min introductions before mingle &  hop

Wouldn’t it be nice at speed dating if you could talk more to the people you liked? Tonight it’s up to you! Meet a host of people with a brief interaction and then follow up over a snack or later in the night with the ones you want to talk to!

We have a private room at Sanctuary Hotel this night where the introductory speed dating will take place, complete with free pool tables. Your ticket includes any of Sanctuary Hotel’s cocktails on arrival, or if you prefer you can get a std drink for $4 less.

Here’s the schedule for the night:

6:45 Snacks for the early birds at Sanctuary Hotel

7:00 Registration for the speed dating begins

7:20 – 8:30 Meet fifteen people for 4 minutes at a time. This will be a full on 60 minutes where we’ll arrange for you to meet everyone there, or at least 15 of the people. This will be fast and furious!

8:30 Mingling, more snacks served & free pool at Sanctuary

9:00 Head to Maloney’s for DJs & drink specials.

You’ll hand in a match card where you can designate 5 people as matches, and if they write your name too your details will be exchanged the next day.

Harassment and other social misdemeanours are not tolerated in this group. This will be a safe, pressure-free space…you are welcome to come and see the organisers about any concerns. We’ll have at least two hosts there on the night.

Male Speed Dating Cocktail ticket

Any cocktail from the Sanctuary Menu

Male Standard drink ticket

Receive a glass of wine/beer or other standard drink.

We only display close up photos of people who have given us permission. Often they're people who have come several times and will do us a favour by posing for a photo.

There are many competining 'businesses' out there on the internet that are borderline scams, (often from overseas), so we strive to show you that we are the real dea with media both on our webpage, Facebook page and Instagram. Reviews also help!

In conclusion - you don't have to worry about being photographed.  

As in a way the customers are the product, we can't operate with a refund policy when people change their minds. However if you are unable to attend for reasons such as having covid-19, you can use your payment as credit for other events. Send us a contact on our contact page. If the singles event is cancelled due to something like a global pandemic, we will of course offer a prompt refund.

The cart is located in the top right hand corner of the screen (under the = menu on a phone). Click on that and then you can delete tickets in your cart.  

This is a very frequently asked question (unlike some of the others :) ). Yes we do have many people coming by themselves - our events are a great place to make mates as well as dates!

But we understand that it can be difficult turning up by yourself so sometimes we'll have a pre-event meet and greet for people who come by themselves. Ask us if we can organise one for you if you're coming by yourself and would like to make some friends first!

Dress to impress - it's not the door man's judgment you need to worry about, it's the person sitting opposite you.

Give people a chance! Matching someone isn't an engagement - it simply allows you to continue your conversation past the six minutes. You aren't even committed to a date once you match. And no.

Speed dating allows you to meet 10 or more people in a short amount of time (hence the word speed). The host will time each date (6-8 minutes) and ensure everyone moves on to the next person. Often you can get a feel for a person's energy very quickly face to face, whereas it may be impossible after communicating online for weeks, if not months.


At a speed dating event in Brisbane you'll fill in a match card (ticking a person is like swiping right) which you'll hand in, and the following day you'll be informed of your matches, and what their (chosen) contact details are. You can choose to match a person as 'date' or 'friend' (or neither). If one person looking for love ticks date, and one happy with a friendship ticks friend - you will each be matched as a friend. Therefore we request that you don't ask people you are speed dating for their contact details, as it is unnecessary and may put dates 'on the spot'.


We always send your matches in an email the next day. If you don’t receive it on the next day, feel free to message us why – some customers have been known to enter their email address incorrectly.

We only hand out contact details at speed dating when BOTH parties match with each other. So unless you matched with your date you have nothing to fear. If one party ticks ‘date’ and one ticks ‘friend’ you will be matched as a friend.  

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    13/05/2022 7:15 PM
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