Clay Class & Speed Dating 25-37

Clay Class & Speed Dating| $39 | Sat Jan 7th  7pm Cucina by La Dolce Vita in Fortitude Valley, 16/1000 Ann St

What happens when you combine a beginner pottery class with a speed dating format? Interested in meeting a lot of people without the pressure of having to converse the whole time?  But how will it work? So many questions, but one thing for sure is that you’ll meet a lot of people whilst doing a fun activity!

So you’ll be making the flowery candle holder with the guided instruction of Wesley Taylor (all materials provided) and each round you’ll be paired up with an ‘art’ buddy. You know when you were failing grade 8 art class and you had your nerdy friend do all your paintings? Well maybe school was different for you, but tonight you’ll be paired up with a number of art buddy’s for about 8 minutes at a time, before we ask the men to move on to a new buddy. So you’ll meet ~ 10 people over the course of the night and do a beginner pottery/clay class at the same time, walking away with a clay creation of your choice (we’ll have a variety of clay options you can make, with guided assistance). Everyone will have match cards so you won’t have to ask for anyone’s number, simply tick the people you like and the matching process will take care of the rest – you’ll receive an email with matches the next day.

The venue serves an array of delicious pizzas & pastas with a fully licensed bar. No BYO


Clay Class & Speed Dating Male Ticket

Do a clay class and meet people at the same time!

Clay Class & Speed Dating Female Ticket

We only display close up photos of people who have given us permission. Often they're people who have come several times and will do us a favour by posing for a photo.

There are many competining 'businesses' out there on the internet that are borderline scams, (often from overseas), so we strive to show you that we are the real dea with media both on our webpage, Facebook page and Instagram. Reviews also help!

In conclusion - you don't have to worry about being photographed.  

Yes bring your own bottle of wine to share or other alcohol! Plastic cups only provided.

As part of our covid safe plan, we no longer share aprons. You can buy pre-order one for $25 though through Wesley Taylor Art Studios. 

Good question! You wouldn't want to spoil your best outfit with clay, but you'd like to look good for this social occasion as well. We recommend old going out clothes - and generally not white.


As in a way the customers are the product, we can't operate with a refund policy when people change their minds. However if you are unable to attend for reasons such as having covid-19, you can use your payment as credit for other events. Send us a contact on our contact page. If the singles event is cancelled due to something like a global pandemic, we will of course offer a prompt refund.

The cart is located in the top right hand corner of the screen (under the = menu on a phone). Click on that and then you can delete tickets in your cart.  

This is a very frequently asked question (unlike some of the others :) ). Yes we do have many people coming by themselves - our events are a great place to make mates as well as dates!

But we understand that it can be difficult turning up by yourself so sometimes we'll have a pre-event meet and greet for people who come by themselves. Ask us if we can organise one for you if you're coming by yourself and would like to make some friends first!

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