Speed Dating Tips

Want more matches from speed dating? You’ve come to the right place, here are 5 top tips to help ensure you have a number of date options from your Brisbane speed dating event.

1. Dress for the occasion

An easy way to improve your results can be found in your closet. First impressions count, and people’s clothes can instantly tell you a lot about them. Are you willing to make an effort when dating someone, or are you going for a comfortable look? Do you look successful, either in your career or as a potential partner? Do your clothes look cheap or more high end? Do your clothes have stains or wrinkles? Do your clothes match well together, and you look like you know what you’re doing? Do you look mature or more like a ‘player’? All of this is in your control, and if done right can help you a lot with speed dating tip number 5, but for further information you can head to: dress

2. Have some fun speed dating topics of conversation ready

Sometimes at a speed dating event, you have as little as 6 minutes to make an impression on someone, so your conversation better pack some punch.  Whilst it can be important to determine a person’s profession, we recommend you make your speed dates as fun as possible. If people enjoy talking to you, they’re very likely to want to continue. It’s fun to talk about fun things, good experiences you’ve had in the past (perhaps not dating ones though!), or humorous situations. Everyone enjoys banter and, if you can pull it off, roleplaying could make for a memorable speed date.

If you’re looking for specific topics we could recommend hobbies, travel, interesting venues/events you’ve been to, things you’d like to do or interesting news and trends of late. Asking questions like ‘what’s your favourite cuisine?’ ‘what was the highlight of your weekend?’ or ‘if you could go travelling now, where would you go?’ could work. To hear fun conversations in action – radio presenters basically get paid to have entertaining conversations – listen to how they do it.

3. Stand out from the crowd

When you go speed dating in Brisbane you may meet a lot of people, but you also have a lot of competition. How will you be the person that gets remembered the day after the speed dating event?

Imagine having the same 14 conversations in a row:

‘What do you do for work?’

“I’m a teacher.”

‘Nice, what grades do you teach?

“High School, so grades 7-12”.

‘Ah yeah, what subject?’


Boring! Whilst asking questions is a good way of breaking the ice with someone (please don’t just talk about yourself the entire time!) let’s see an example of ‘standing out from the crowd’:

‘What do you do for work?’

“I’m a teacher.”

‘I bet you’re a PE teacher, you look like one of the cool ones’

“Hah thanks, I teach maths though”

‘Ah yeah cool. I work as a psychic’

“Ok.. What am I thinking right now?”…

So now we’ve listed some topics of conversations in speed dating tip 2 you’ll be thinking – ‘now everyone at speed dating events near me in Brisbane are going to start talking about those topics’ – can you think of some questions or topics that are going to ensure your date remembers you? Rather than open ended questions, guessing answers to the question you’re asking can be a way of spicing up a conversation, and allows you and your date to ‘bounce off each other’. It can also be a way of insulting people as well, so beware!

4. Find connections at speed dating

People naturally like to associate with others they have things in common with. If your passion is music and you love going to concerts every week, surely you’d be excited to meet someone similar at speed dating. So think about something you’d like to do with a partner. It could be travelling, sport, exploring Brisbane events, eating out or a whole range of other things. Understand that if your date is passionate about something, at least sounding interested will help your cause. If you can find something you have in common in your 6 minutes – you’ll be well ahead of your speed dating competitors.

‘But don’t opposites attract?’ What makes a relationship work can be complex, with many factors. This can be true, but invariably you need something in common as well. A good example of ‘opposites attracting’ is someone who likes talking a lot partnering with a good listener.  Or someone dominant partnering with someone more submissive.

5. Be confident at your dating event

It is well known that confidence can be an irresistible trait in the Brisbane dating field, but how much is confidence within your control? Perhaps more than you think. If you believe you’re going to do well, you’ll be more confident, and therefore get better results. So give yourself reasons to be confident – make sure you dress well. Have some good topics of conversation ready, or perhaps a couple of interesting questions. Coming speed dating with a friend will often put you at ease and make you more relaxed and confident – at least one person in the room gets along with you! If you don’t have a friend, strike up a conversation with someone (or the hosts will introduce you) before the event starts and you might make one. Play to your strengths – think of reasons why you should be confident. If you dwell on your deficiencies – ‘oh I’m too shy to do this’ – this can be a self-fulfilling prophesy, so be positive and enjoy yourself! People at dating events enjoy talking to positive people who are having fun 😊

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