Single Events vs Speed Dating Events! 4 Tips to Win in a Single Event!

Single Events vs Speed Dating Events! 4 Tips to Win in a Single Event!


Are you fed up with monotonous night-outs or countless hours spent in coffee bars and it seems like an impossible mission to meet someone? Maybe it is time to try something different. Speed dating and singles events in Sydney are an ideal chance for shy and busy people to meet someone new and interesting.


However, you aren’t sure where to start, how to find Sydney dating places, and do you even need a friend to attend singles events in Sydney. Google search is your friend in locating the best venues but what about your attitude, game plan, and most of all your presentation?


No worries at all! We have specialized in guiding single people to the best singles events in Sydney and leaving the best possible impression. This article will give you the best tips on how to act, dress, and maintain a conversation in order to master whatever type of event you decide to attend.


What Are Singles Events Sydney?


Singles events in Sydney are a special type of event that is organized by a dating agency to facilitate easier communication between a group of single people. It is a unique concept of an event where you pay for a ticket and the event organizers take care of everything else. You need to register in advance, arrive on time and bring the right attitude.


When it comes to singles events, Sydney dating places vary, from upscale restaurants, and cocktails bars to simple coffee bars with a relaxed atmosphere and chill music in the background. Some of the single events may be organized in different settings like snow trips, Academy Awards viewing parties, dinner, lunch, holiday parties, visits to the gallery, and even Valentine’s Day mixers. It depends on your needs and desires and what you will pick. Maybe you are a shy person and prefer a more intimate gathering or maybe you are an extrovert who would love to take a luxurious boat trip for the day. However, you may feel there is a place and mood for you.


You don’t need much preparation to attend singles events in Sydney, however, it is important to remember that these events are categorized according to age, group size, and activity type. Further, they can be categorized according to sex preferences, expectations, and type of people but all of the details should be publicly displayed on the event page and any special requests will be spelled out in the confirmation email before the event.

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All of Sydney’s dating places should be safe but it is a good tip to check the location and the venue upfront, figure out your transportation, and the amount of money you may need if there are additional expenses or the group decides to move to another venue and activity. Also, be careful who you share your personal information with because the event organizers can’t control this part of the event.

What Are Speed Dating Events Sydney?


Speed dating events are a specific, fast way of getting to know someone. This is an organized gathering of ten (or more) men and women who alternately get to know each other through a five to ten minutes conversation. Unlike singles events, this is a much more formalized event with a pre-planned scheme that participants should follow. It’s envisioned to be like a game for adults where you pick what you like and leave what doesn’t serve you.


For this type of event, the organizers will pick Sydney dating places that are unique and intimate so the atmosphere is formal but also there aren’t any distractions in the background like loud music and people chatting. Statistics have shown that more than 70% of speed dating participants find their soulmates at a speed dating event.


The participants are young, educated people, with good jobs, who on average are between 25 and 40 years old (sometimes older). They just didn’t have the time or luck in their daily lives to meet someone with whom they could make a connection.


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It is important to note that speed dating events happen in a much more controlled environment compared to singles events. Here you will be given a registration card which you must keep with you at all times and put notes of the people you meet. Only after both sides have confirmed that they like each other, the organizers will share contact information. Also, there is a strict time limit on the talking sessions and you must leave the table once the clock rings.


Speed dating events are often recommended to individuals who want to meet as many people as fast as possible compared to singles events who are more suitable for people who want to take things at their own pace.


4 Tips To Win At A Singles Events Sydney


Before heading to a Sydney dating place there are a few things you must remember. Here they are:

1.   Mind Your Body Language


People make an impression on you in the first few seconds of your meeting. Body language is important for making a good impression.


Statistics also say that around 95% of all communication is nonverbal. With this in mind try to learn some useful tips to improve your nonverbal vocabulary.


When you arrive at singles events Sydney start the communication with a secure handshake. Otherwise, a weak handshake may send a message that you don’t care about the other person. Shake hands firmly (but not too hard) so that the other person understands that you care about getting to know them and that you are content with the meeting.


When you meet someone at Sydney dating places, focus on the interlocutor and try to hold a conversation for as long as you are interested. Try to maintain eye contact, but not too intense as this could make others feel uncomfortable. Once you aren’t interested in them, excuse yourself politely and move to someone else.


Checking the time at any point of the conversation is forbidden. This will let other people know that you are bored and can’t wait to leave. If you are really in a hurry and need to leave at a certain time, let them know in advance.

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Singles events in Sydney are supposed to be relaxed events and your body language should reflect that. It is normal to be anxious or stressed when meeting new people but try not to show that in your body language because that will leave a bad impression.

2.   Don’t Limit Your Options


It is recommended to set expectations from the very beginning. Don’t try to copy other people. Be yourself and be open to communication with as many people as possible. Try to stay focused in each communication, but don’t limit yourself to speaking with a few people. All of the attendees at singles events in Sydney come with the hope to find a potential soulmate. Just because single events in Sydney are tailored as less formal than speed dating events, you don’t have pre-prescribed game rules to be followed.


Focus on having fun. Insert a dose of humour in the communication, because humour allows people to connect and can be used to release tense or difficult situations. Draw attention to intelligence. The more intelligent you sound, the more attractive you are.


Feel free to move around Sydney dating places and explore your options. Don’t be disappointed if the true match doesn’t come immediately. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

3.   Don’t Talk Only About Yourself


The basic rule in every single event in Sydney is – do not to monopolize the conversation. Although you are a talkative person, leave some space for the conversational partner. Take the focus off yourself and pay attention to the other person. Games and interactions in single events are designed to help you to be more cooperative and through play and communication peek into the other person’s personality.


Talking about yourself and using “me“ every second word, makes you look egoistic and selfish. We suggest releasing your excessive self-loathing. Sydney dating places are not the most suitable places for the presentation of your top achievements at work or even expressing your domestic problems. Rely on the topics that are mutually interesting to both speakers.


4.   Be Careful With Your Drinking


Singles events in Sydney and speed dating events as well, have free drinks in their program. For sure alcohol will help you overcome anxiety and boost your self-confidence but it can be very dangerous if you drink too much.


But which amount of alcohol is allowed when you participate in an event where you are required to be sufficiently relaxed and to have a dose of decency at the same time?


The basic rule of Sydney dating places is not to overdose from alcohol consumption. For sure, have a drink or two but if you feel dizzy or start stumbling on your words you should step aside, take some fresh air, and drink plenty of water.  If you know you don’t handle alcohol too well feel free to order a mocktail or even Coca-Cola. Nobody will notice that you are sipping a non-alcoholic beverage and you won’t embarrass yourself.

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Final Thoughts


Speed dating and singles events in Sydney are matchmakers of the modern age. Maybe that’s where someone worthy of your attention can be found. It’s fast – which is synonymous with the times we live in. You can quickly get interested or quickly ignore someone you are not interested in.


Our tips will help you to control your actions and emotions and win in a singles event. Try it out today and see how it goes!

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