How to Escape the Friendzone

The best way to escape the friendship zone, is to actually avoid being there in the first place. Easier said than done right? Speed dating events can be very useful for this.

You have a small window of time for when you should tell someone that you like them, or would like to get to know her on that level rather than a friendship one, and that’s when you met them or within a week or so later. Now, while this might seem a bit confronting, Speed dating events make this so simple, and take away the stress of trying to find the courage to do this by yourself.

Men think that if you don’t make a great first impression, you should hang out with her more, get to know her more so she’ll fall in love with you, but this is the exception, not the rule.

From a woman’s perspective, they feel like they are building this great friendship, sharing and opening up, only for someone to turn around and say ‘I’m only really here because I want to date you’. It could feel like a sham to her, even if that’s not the case or your intentions and women can find this quite upsetting.

It’s far easier to start out from a flirtatious stand point, and then move into friendship if it’s not going to work, rather than it being much harder to move from friendship to more.

Now we know this can seem a lot scarier than just trying to be their friend first, but Ignite speed dating events Brisbane makes this so simple with us being your helping hand in letting people know that you may be interested in them.

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