6 Traits Women Look For In A Man

6 Traits Women Look For In A Man

Whilst each woman is different, there are 6 things all women look for in a man, here they are:

1. Physical attractiveness

Humans judge things based on what they look like all the time, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. This is not to say that it’s shallow to judge based on appearance; in fact women often use a man’s appearance to immediately make assessments on their personality. Does he look confident, successful and organised? Obviously this assessment can quickly change upon discussion with a man 🙂

2. Financial stability

The notion that women are always after rich men isn’t quite correct. An unemployed man with a gambling addiction who just won the lottery wouldn’t tick this box for instance. Someone with their own property and a reliable job, who isn’t irresponsible financially, would certainly qualify as ‘financially stable’.

3. Emotional stability/maturity

A man who is easily upset, angered or triggered can be a big turnoff. A long term relationship will put a couple through many trials and hurdles, and people who are emotionally mature will be much bettered placed to handle them. They will also be more successful in other pursuits, such as in their career.

4. Honesty

Entering into a long-term relationship requires a lot of trust, and how can you have this if your partner isn’t honest? Nobody wants a partner to cheat on them down the track or do other similar dishonest things. Being honest is a big part of building this long term trust required for a successful relationship.

5. Sense of humour

Women, like men, hate being bored and a humorous partner can be a an endless source of entertainment. Humour also allows people to connect (‘we share a similar sense of humour’) and can also be used to ‘diffuse’ tense or difficult situations. Humour can  be an insightful reflection into someone’s intelligence and experiences, which leads us to our final point, number 6.

6. Intelligence

Intelligence is sexy! An intelligent partner can provide stimulating conversation, novel insights and creative ideas. According to psychological, studies intelligence is also one of the biggest predictors in career success (along with industriousness).

So there you have it, these are the 6 traits women look for in a man. This is according to Damien Diecke from School of Attraction. As Damien says, men don’t need all 6 to win over a woman, at least 3 will be sufficient in many cases. Many of these can be improved upon too with due diligence and time. To hear more on the 6 traits and other topics, head to Damien’s youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLzuOP0lPQY

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