How to find the right person is an increasingly common topic while drinking coffee with friends, sipping beer with work partners, or even munching on a salad at a business lunch. In the absence of free time, good tactics, self-confidence,...
  • 21/11/2022
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Today’s lifestyle, in which we have less and less time for leisure activities, going out in the city, socializing, etc., significantly shortens the chances of meeting someone new. When we talk about dating, people are increasingly using social networks to...
  • 27/09/2022
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The fast way of life and the daily rush for work as well as isolation and alienation have made it difficult nowadays to find a partner, a friend with whom to socialize or enter into an emotional relationship. Everyone spends...
  • 27/08/2022
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Speed ​​dating events are a form of mini-meetings organized to get people to know each other. They have spread all over Australia as a revolutionary way of dating.   Everyone wants to meet and find a companion in life, so...
  • 27/07/2022
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The life we live today is put on the fast track. All of our daily responsibilities, whether they come from home or work, occupy our day. We have less and less time to socialize with other people and go out....
  • 13/07/2022
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An increasingly popular way of single people has become a hit in Sydney. Many are skeptical, but in this way, people can expand their circle of acquaintances and even find a partner. When we talk about single events, Sydney has...
  • 29/06/2022
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